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Tell Me About Yourself

Answer 1 : Product Manager Professional

I would describe myself as highly curious and focused on learning in all parts of life, personal and professional.

In my professional life, I look for the hardest problems to solve and where I can learn and develop the most. I’ve taken on many different types of projects, including ads, virtual reality, commerce, and messaging. No matter what I’m working on, I’m very invested. I identify anyone I can learn from, as well as problems that I care about and try to optimize every step of the process.

In my personal life, I spend a lot of time reading and usually have a focused area of interest for a longer period of time. For instance, last year, I read and researched public transportation systems and the future of transportation with emerging companies and autonomous vehicles. I found it fascinating, and it actually sparked a desire to change industries — which eventually led me to my last role and even helped prepare me for the switch.

Outside of reading and researching, I also love to travel, cook with friends, and spend a lot of time running and being physically active outdoors.

Why this answer worked well:

  • Background and type of experience were clearly explained.
  • Candidate showcased a self-starter mentality.
  • Hobbies were framed to highlight benefits to professional life.

Answer 2 : Customer Management Professional

From a very early age I've been a problem solver. I was that kid who would take apart anything so I could see how it worked—and then try to put it back together.

As you can imagine, it drove my parents nuts. But even though I tortured my family at times, the tinkering trait has served me well in my career.

After graduating from Purdue, I was recruited into a field technician job and got paid to take apart broken packaging equipment. It was like living the dream.

That job also made me realize I'm really good with difficult customers, and that's what helped me land my current account manager role.

While I love my job and have been successful in it, it has moved me away from the manufacturing floor. Now, the reason I'm so interested in this position is that it seems to provide a really great blend of one-on-one work with clients and hands-on problem solving.

Why this answer worked well:

  • He/She gave a vivid image of his childhood home and told a memorable story about it.
  • He/She picked two prominent required skills from the job description, problem solving and customer service, and built this interesting narrative around it.
  • He/She showed how his career successfully evolved before he was even asked about that.

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Created: June 17, 2023 21:48:54